During these challenging times, we believe it is more important than ever to bring people, culture, art, and heritage together. At Not Just a Comb (NJAC), we combine design and outreach to instill fun, color, and creativity, working hand-in-hand with and by giving back to those vulnerable within our society.

We created ‘Nosh To Raise Dosh’, a biweekly newsletter project, to help you give comfort to your family by being creative in the kitchen. At the same time, you will be helping those less fortunate give comfort to their own families. We have partnered with Food Flow ZA on their mission to help keep farmers afloat while getting food to families experiencing increased food insecurity.

NJAC may be a small business but we are part of the larger creative community, and we are confident that by coming together we can help make a big difference. We pledge to donate R3000 to FoodFlow, and when you subscribe to this newsletter we will donate more dosh on your behalf. Let’s do this together!

You can also donate directly by visiting Food Flow

     PARTNERS in Dosh: asian-ISH DELI, BASTILLE | MAISON MARA, eva, Food Flow, GRANADILLA,Oath magazinetwyg.  ︎︎︎